Process of mentioning dissertation problem statement

June 5, 2019 Off By Dalvin Kelly
Process of mentioning dissertation problem statement


It is very important to get proper guidance about the dissertation problem statement. You should have a clear idea that you wanted to address. Mentioning about this should be concise and only relevant things should be included in it.

  • Present gap

The dissertation problem statement should be written in the manner that it can present any kind of gap which the researcher is facing. It must be related to the knowledge and there should be proper importance in context to the knowledge.

  • Simulation

The problem statement should also simulate the candidate to move further in the research. It is more important to proceed further in the research in order to remove the gap which is coming in the knowledge. This will improve the overall impression and results of the research.

  • Collection of data

There must be a proper collection of the data and the regular investigation is required for this context. The dissertation problem statement should also make the research more fruitful process. It must be constructive in relation to the skills, time and resources.

  • Approach

The next thing is that it must have a constructive approach to solving the issue of the dissertation problem statement. This means that only ethical resources and methods should be adopted in order to resolve the issue. There should not be any other method that you should take into consideration to solve it.

  • Proper format

The next thing that you should know is that there is a proper format to mention the dissertation problem statement. The format should be followed in the right way. There are some particular parts of the statements that should be taken into consideration when you are going to write a dissertation problem statement.

  • Various parts

Usually, there are three parts of the dissertation problem statement. At the time of writing in the first part or part A, it is better to mention the target that you want to achieve. The ideal situation should also be mention. It is also important to mention the rest of the things which should be included in it.

  • Next parts

There are two other parts B and C. In the second part which is also known as the real part some other important things must be included. It must include the condition that it hindering the process of achieving the goal. There must be complete details mention about the situation which is creating trouble.


In the last part which is also known as the consequences, you should mention the method to remove the obstacles. It must make it clear the right method to solve the problem.